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Children of the endless deep, and guardians of the past

Keepers of the World, its depths, its secrets and memories

They are the oldest and strongest tribe, which is why they keep record of all the memories and secrets of the world. The Yagun can live to be 500 years old and can hold both a promise, and a grudge, just as long. They are hearty and strong, capable of holding their own and defending themselves against even the fiercest foes.

Their competitive nature often drives them to fight even against insurmountable odds but, they are, in general, a peaceful people who simply want to protect the world and its inhabitants. They are very rich in traditions and rituals, and are quite honorable, and not easy to infiltrate from the outside world; they have an immense passion for their duty to protect the world. To do so they can channel the energy of the life around them to alter the world, or fight, as necessary, often on advice provided from the Faevan.

They care a great deal for the history of the world and the crystal, documenting every event, whether highly significant, or nearly irrelevant, including the birth of new creatures, and the erosion of landscapes. Their documentation is stored on scrolls, in books, and in scripture kept in their highest crystal towers, but have always been taught to be accessible by all should they choose to seek it. They wish the younger tribes would appreciate what their ancestors built for them and that they could see what they went through to bring the world in the order it is now.

Their eyes are black, said to be better suited for their life in the depths and to see in the dark, while those who live above are often seen waiting for dusk, if they don’t cover their eyes by dark fabric veils to dull the bright of the day. Their hair is often kept shoulder-length at most and restrained with dark fabric away from anywhere it may disrupt their vision or functionality. It can be coarse and rough, left untamed and wild save for the few who choose to groom and bead themselves. Their hair colours range from deep coppers to black-browns in hue with eyes to match.

As waters warm, their bodies cool to adjust, and as waters cool, they warm. They are rugged, tough-skinned and known to be skilled in forging, and crafting, and regardless of their proud and sometimes unpleasant demeanor towards the other tribes, are often sought out to build powerful and reliable weapons, armour, and statues that stand the test of time.


All Yagun have tattoos that cover most of their body, regardless of whether they are male or female, beginning at a young age. These tattoos are representations of different memories and events that may be partial to self, or Tribe; as they grow other tattoos will be added that may have importance regarding the world, the crystal, or the importance in another Tribe. This allows them to store memories in their tattoos that can be reviewed by self or others when desired.

What they have seen, or what another has seen can be viewed by touching specific tattoos on their body. Projection of memory or experience is done for larger events, and in groups through linked arms and matching tattoos, while memory manipulation and reliving are normally done individually. Both open windows to the mind to display the chosen memories to those previously selected, or permitted to view them.

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