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The pride of the world - students of all, masters of none

The Vaiyna are the pride of the crystal; their youth and thirst for knowledge is unsurpassed by the other Tribes and they are the guiding light towards the future of the world with their constant advancements and new developments. From the smallest windmill to the crystal platforms, they pave the road forward.


The Vaiyna adapt quickly and easily in a variety of settings and seasons due in part to their vast range of morals and values. They are said to be the best developers, and brightest residents with a sharp intellect; their constant desire to learn and explore makes them quite admirable, even to the more secluded tribes like the Yagun. They have the highest understanding and sensibility when it comes to the issues of the world and how everything works together, often being excessively interested in other beings, from the smallest mammal, to the tallest tree.

They are fascinated by the unknown and the unexplored, constantly desiring to learn and understand what others have condemned or over-looked. With a sharp wit and even sharper tongue, they hold nothing back in regards to how they feel and think. However, this has also made them a bit insecure when living closely with the other tribes as they do not think through the repercussions of their words. They seemingly trust only what they can grasp with their logic, and what they, themselves, have learned firsthand.


They are magically sensitive to both the energy of the Tribes as well as the world as a whole. This allows them to detect powerful shifts in the world due to strong magical influence. They are the most aware in terms of magic and empathy of all other Tribes due to their youth and desire to learn, seeing advantages to all creatures and yearning to know more about them and their way of life.


Their constant desire to learn has aided them in discovering how to replicate the crystal’s reflective watch across the world through the creation of their own crystalized platforms; this allows for individuals to travel from one platform to another located elsewhere. These reflective voids temporarily harness each Vaiyna that passes through them, and permanently houses a copy of their knowledge, before they depart. Each individual that travels via the void will possess the knowledge of all those who have passed through previously until they, themselves, choose to leave it.

They cross the oceans and explore the mountains across all of the world with their insatiable appetite for adventure. Their extra limited life-span makes them passionate in all aspects of being; with an endless thirst for knowledge, and a curiosity for all else that roams alongside them this thirst drives them to pursue even the most fabled rumours in the world. Due to their limited lifespan, they will often try to accomplish a great deal of feats. They are the youngest tribe in the world, making them the most likely to over-achieve as if having something to prove to the Elder Tribes.


They have deeply coloured eyes in hues of brown, or green that match the tone of the world upon which they stand. The Vaiyna vary in appearance from region to region due to their exposure to various terrains and climates. However, their most common trait is that they have wild hair that is most often left loose in style.

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