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The ever-changing, ever-knowing, and ever elusive doppelgangers and walkers of the world

Bound not by day or night, by land nor sea, man nor woman

The Teshay are an ever-adapting tribe of shape-shifting beings that have been documented throughout history. They, in part due to their chameleon like skills and connection to all the Tribes’ timelines, are all-seers and cannot only see the future but, everything that happens in the now.

They do so by utilizing the vision of others and analyzing their interpretation of events to review events, and even memories of the past. They are responsible in overseeing that no tribe goes extinct so when they are born, or when a new tide begins, they change and integrate into a tribe that needs expansion. They have lived for centuries, always changing, and always watching, carefully monitoring the breeding patterns of creatures across the world in order to maintain the steadiness of both spoken tribes, and lesser.

They are responsible for uniting the tribes by communicating with each one so that each can share their voices in times of uncertainty. They pay particular attention to the rituals, traditions, habits, and morals of each Tribe in order to give each other a better understanding of what is important to each individual Tribe in order to bring them closer together. They, themselves, are always impartial and make decisions based on fact and information they obtain from their all-sight but, show no favour to any particular tribe, not even their own. All tribes trust and value them for their wisdom and open-mindedness. For this, they are looked to for advice in regards to important decisions, and insecurities, even if it is something held deeply sacred by the guidance-seeking tribe.

They also possess the ability of precognition in varying degrees based on their age and experience in the world beyond their own. This allows them to see an outcome before it comes to pass. The Teshay will evolve and adapt as necessary to ensure the world’s survival. This, in turn, shows the other tribes that they will know what is to be done when evaluating a scenario that may require the change to people, or environment, to facilitate balance.

They are quite reclusive in nature, and speak in a tongue merged from the language of all others, constantly adjusting and adding so that it may only ever be understood by their own people. They are expressive in both movement and sound, mimicking a person or creature, sometimes even in form, to further assimilate with other beings.

They change based on the needs of the species or tribe in order to repopulate and restore stability when necessary. For this reason, they are rarely seen in their own form, often resembling the being they have selected to join and keeping that form for much of their lives. This has also allowed them a longer lifespan for their ability to adapt and blend in, granting them a life well into the high hundreds and longer.

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