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Living Album Experience - ILLUMI Shirt with Signed Ticket & Album [LIMITED EDITION with Band Signatures]

55 €
In stock
Product Details

With this ticket package you're supporting our Living Album Experience for our very first album 'ECLYPTIC: Wake of Shadows' as well as our project ILLUMISHADE in general.

This ticket package includes:
- a physical ticket with signatures of all band members
- a physical copy of our album 'ECLYPTIC: Wake of Shadows' with signatures of all band members
- an ILLUMI Shirt of your choice

After purchasing we will send your shirt, as well as the signed ticket and album on the way to your home. Please be aware that there are still shipping delays to some countries due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Many thanks for your amazing support and have fun with our Living Album Experience!

[size XXL of all our shirt designs is currently sold out]

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