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Protectors of the world's heart

Known to the world as „THE ILLUMI“, these protectors of the world‘s heart are brought together from across thousands of miles for one purpose - to aid The Guardian in protecting the heart of their world, for it‘s most sacred to both beings and world.

The skills they gain at birth, as a result of their tribe, will be extended and intensified should they be chosen by the Hallusia, as their forces need to fit the responsibility and duties as one of the protectors of the world’s heart. Through this selection they will be required to take up one of the following roles as part of The ILLUMI:

Portrait_Fabi final.jpg


The mirrored mind and soul of our world's heart.


The physical protector of the heart of the world, and one of few individuals able to touch the heart in the physical realm. They can originally be chosen from any tribe and will not only receive immortality by undergoing the ritual of The Hallusia, but also gain all abilities, skills and assets of the other tribes as well. Through this, paired with the Guardian’s dedication and fierce determination, even when all other protectors fade, they will hold strong. In case she fails her life’s purpose in protecting the crystal, and the heart of the world falls apart or fades, the immortality of the Guardian will fade as well and she will perish.

Portrait_Jonas final.jpg


The shield to our world's heart, and guardian.


The Bound deals with the world’s darkest forces and incidents, often chosen from the Yagun for their strength and knowledge pertaining to memory and history. The Bound also records every imperfection of the world’s heart, every shift in balance, and every change so that it may later be recalled when another change in time arrives.

Portrait_Mirjam final.jpg


The warden to our world's Guardians.


Caregiver and provider of the The Illumi; chosen from the Faeva for their compassion and sensibility, she provides care to the other Illumi members in order to ensure their duty is not over-looking their health and well-being. As the Faevan can tell if someone is lying or starts to sway toward the darker forces, she is also responsible for checking if each Illumi is still in full control of themself to fulfill their designation. She can also partially heal the crystal with forces she gained as being a part of the Faevan tribe.

Portrait_Yannick final.jpg


The unifier of our world's Tribes.


A being chosen for their ability to see into the future and selectively alter timelines in order to deter any threats that may disrupt the heart's balance. The Sage is most commonly chosen from the Teshay Tribe for their all-seer capabilities. The Sage will also share the heart's condition with the world, as well as its requirements for maintaining harmony so that none are left in the dark and all beings may feel as if they are truly a part of its existence. The Sage works closely with all the Tribes in order to unify them and ensure news of the world and its heart may travel to even the farthest corners of the realms.

Portrait_Marc final.jpg


The construer of our world's mysteries.


Most commonly chosen from the Vaiyna Tribe for their intellect in addressing the world's most tangled webs of mystery. They look over the heart of the world, as well as the world itself, for any cracks, splinters, or faults that may cause instability.

The Scout travels throughout the realms of the world to gather information pertaining to mysteries, and the unknown forces that may bring imbalance to the world and its heart.

Portrait_Tamara final.jpg


The guidance from beyond.


The Spirit is the eldest Hallusia said to have been born from the crystal itself. An immortal being as she has been, is, and will always be to watch over the world as it grows, or fades; creating time long before the time of the Tribes.

The Spirit brings the Illumi together for one purpose - to aid the current protectors in their duty to protect the heart and its world. Harnessing the life force of those who have guarded in the past she offers intensity and wisdom beyond her own knowledge to ensure each protector is fit for their role and the responsibilities that are pushed upon them.



'The Calling'

As one ILLUMI member ages or fades, another is chosen to take up their role; training under the current Protector until their time comes to pass, and the new generation takes their place within the ILLUMI.

Inspired, chosen and trained by the Hallusia, the ILLUMI is always comprised of individuals from every tribe, often times alongside a Guardian, where as each tribe is represented by one single ILLUMI; this is to avoid unsanctioned unions, disagreements, or imbalance both for The ILLUMI as well as the heart of the world.

The ILLUMI are a constant force within the world, as a chosen representative from each Tribe will take on the role required to protect the crystal and our world at all costs.

There’s a world-wide ritual known as “The Calling” which summons the attention of all Tribes as it is a ritual involving every being – The Calling is held on one specific night in which the Hallusians choose aspirants that seem fit to take up a role in the ILLUMI for a fading or aging member. Though all beings in the world are summoned for this ritual, only those deemed to be worthy are chosen from their Tribes to become aspirants and move onto the Hallusia’s trials. They then are granted access to the Hallusia’s realm to train, be instructed, examined, and identified if they are capable aspirants for the task they may get assigned to. Whilst getting prepared for an eventual role in the ILLUMI, an aspirant must complete the tasks of their respective ILLUMI member but, must do so without extended and intensified forces to prove his will, determination and worth for the future role.

Unworthy or improper Aspirants get sent away from undergoing the ritual in which they will lose all their memory of the Hallusia and their practices.
However, they will never lose the deep bond the Hallusia established by choosing them as an aspirant and they therefore will never question the importance of the ILLUMI, the existence of the Hallusia, and the might of the heart of the world.

Rituals within THE ILLUMI


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