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Bringers of the dawn, and keepers of dusk

They are children of the crystal, the first beings, who know neither birth, nor death but, have learned much from the world below. The singers of twilight who paint the sky with their mystical power to let the world know when it is time to sleep, and when it is time to rise. They are said to be born from the crystal itself, seemingly making them Immortal beings in the eyes of the world as they have always been, watching over the world as it grows and fades, and creating time long before the birth of the other tribes.

They are viewed as being callous and cold according to the other tribes despite their understandings and agreements, this is likely in part due to their age and wisdom of the world; as well their immense responsibility and dedication to the balance of all creation that was bestowed upon them when they chose to renew the forgotten realm. They will always make decisions in favour of the world’s heart, regardless of the opinions from the tribes, in order to ensure the crystal is kept secure and stable beyond all else.

The Hallusia are pale beings with skin that seems soft and nearly translucent in appearance but there skin is as hard as diamond. They have light hair in hues of pastels, glimmering silvers, and copper that glisten like gemstones when reflecting natural light; it is customary for their hair to be styled in complex up-dos filled with intricate braids and woven strands of starlight. Their eyes are clear, looking more like mirrors to reflect their surroundings, often appearing iridescent before they are blocked by an audience.

Hallusians are said to be soft-spoken creatures though few have ever heard them speak. Old folk tales will rhyme off that they sing to the crystal to bring forth the bright of day, and will hum softly to it in order to bring the cover of night. It is rumoured that their voices are so powerful they could shatter mountains hence why when they do speak, it is no more than a whisper but, the stories of their songs have echoed throughout the ages. They choose in recent times, rather, to communicate via telepathy and thought exchange derived from their years of experience in trying to keep their voices to a hush when the other beings of the world began to grow in fear that the power of their voice may bring an end to what was only the beginning.


Much of their lineage is unknown, for images and sightings of Hallusia young have never been seen nor written about, as if they merely came into existence. They are said to often speak in riddles scrawled across various locations in the world to reassure their existence. Should these riddles become outdated and ignored, their location may change, and the riddle may change. This is to avoid mortality as if the belief in their existence declines so does their immortality. However, they cannot be physically present in the visual world due to their appearance and vocal capabilities.

Therefore they are only seen by very few chosen ones, and tend to operate more behind the curtain of the world but, still generally keep the world as a whole in proper order. They are responsible for each tribe’s survival and existence, and as well, the Illumi order; they grant the Tribes and the order members their magical skills, and all other necessary abilities, so that they can fulfill their duties and contribute good to the world. They serve as guides to the Tribes and order to the best of their ability without disrupting too much of the balance in favour of the world’s existence and to the benefit of the heart of the world.


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