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Siblings of all creation, and wardens to the present - with the heart of the world at their fingertips

Known for their kindness, as well as their beauty, the Faeva are one of the Elder tribes of the world and can live well into the thousands. They are pale and rather fragile in both complexion and appearance but have a strong mind and great will deep in their hearts. As their purity grows with age, their eyes become more golden in colour and they are then able to decipher truth from lies and determine the purity of others.


Skilled in a great deal of magic, the Faeva may choose to call upon a variety of spells and incantations in order to fulfill and maintain harmonious existence whether for species, regions, or peoples, they will take every step necessary to keep matters tranquil, and on the edge of Good. They are capable of draining power, and source their magic from emotions but they only alter, and do not consume. This provides them with clarity and true virtuous intent as they are not driven or possessed by overwhelming emotions and can redirect such energy elsewhere; such as their ability to heal. They pay the closest attention to evolution patterns and anomalies that may affect land or law, and address the people as necessary should those changes be overly concerning. Therefore they can also often predict the success or failure of a species by simply watching the turn of the tides.

They are a wise and dedicated tribe, valuing the justice of the world and favouring no other beings, granting both balance and equality to all beneath their gaze. They are kind, compassionate, and generous, as seen with many of their rituals being open to the world, and not held for their own. They are often referred as sagacious and impartial in all dealings of life with the aid of their astral vision that grants them the ability to see truth, even when lies are spoken by the most clever and manipulative tongues. This ability also aids in working alongside other tribes to initiate appropriate changes in the world to maintain balance such as the rerouting of streams or the change in tide. This astral vision also allows them to see through different eyes to confirm their decisions in a perfect sense of equality.

Their hair ranges from pale gold, to bright auburn, and to deep browns, and is often left long, but well-groomed and kept away from the face. Their eyes are a variety of blues, and greens to match sky and forestry, though the most true hearted of the tribe will often be seen with full golden eyes, to resemble the purity they grew over all the years they lived. Their golden gaze is a trait carried throughout the years that is granted to all Faevans who dedicate their lives to others. All Faevan Tribe members are born with gold-tinted green eyes, and as they grow, they may follow the path of righteousness which causes the gold in their eyes to further consume the green. Should they continue this path, fighting for the equality of nature for both Tribes, and Creature, their eyes will be fully engulfed by gold and they will have the perceptive ability to determine the purity in others’ hearts, as well as separate truth from lies.Their eyes also reflect their good thoughts and actions in a sense of equality and can reveal if they are truly good-hearted and are not affected by dark thoughts and/or unhallowed sides that could grow within them.

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